Updating a bathroom? Watch one of our designer partners refresh this challenging Calgary powder room

Sprucing up a bathroom or powder room is one of the quickest and most painless ways to get started updating your home. Renovations can sometimes be an inconvenience, but as long as you have alternate bathrooms, the interruption to daily life is minor.

However, an updated, standout bathroom is also a big selling point if you’re thinking of selling your home (either now or in the future).

It can also be a great showpiece during holiday entertaining, making your guests feel welcome and refreshed.

Even if you’re staying put in your home, you use your bathrooms every day, so why not make it as enjoyable a room as possible?

That’s why so many homeowners are opting to refresh their powder rooms this fall.

When this Calgary home’s powder room needed an update, Robinson designer partner Kerri Ann Thomas of Kerri Ann Thomas Interiors stepped in to create a bold and distinctive powder room experience.

Before & After

Here are some tips Kerri Ann was willing to share about using the space you have to make drastic transformations in your home.


Starting Points

“The space is always our boss,” said Kerri Ann, “What possibilities does it lend itself to in its current state?”

That’s the starting point for most renovations — how to best use the space you have. In the case of this powder room, the angles played a major factor in planning the space.

Kerri Ann explained, “The angles and vanity area were tricky. Narrow, long and tall ceilings accentuated this room’s awkward shape.  I think I counted a total of 11 angles!   There are few areas in small functional spaces to make a statement, especially without options to move walls and tight timelines.  To overcome this each detail was chosen for the impact it would have in the room.“

The angluar nature of this poweder room made it a challenge to design

The homeowner was looking for an intimate, inviting change — something with elegant drama that required no structural alterations.

There were also elements that the homeowner wanted to keep. The flooring needed to remain intact.  Also remaining was the theme of the existing polished nickel door hardware and light fixtures throughout the home.

From there, it was a matter of coming up with a framework for the project.

“Once a client approves an overall design and budget we source products and create a mood board for their approval.  Selections are based on our client’s needs and wants.  They are vetted ahead of time based on the project’s budget, completion date, manufacturer lead times, specifications and appearance,” said Kerri Ann.

That way, there are no surprises later, since everything has been mapped out and approved ahead of time.


Taking Action

From there, Kerri Ann went out into the field to find something that would work.

“I visit trade showrooms with any necessary colour samples to see available products and collaborate with the knowledgeable staff.  Ultimately I hand off the ordering process to specific reps at these showrooms.  They help to keep me informed on the latest trends, take the stress out of order management, and provide great service.”

Because the homeowners wanted to preserve the theme of polished nickel door hardware and light fixtures throughout the home, there was an opportunity to create warmth through mixed metals.

For more on mixing metals as part of a design plan, see our designer feature on mixed metals here.

As part of the mixed metal strategy, a natural jumping off point was the plumbing fixtures.

For example, Brizo’s Charlotte tall polished nickel lever handle faucet fits the polished nickel theme, while adding a distinctive flair to the vanity area.

Brizo faucet

Charlotte faucet — Brizo
Briolette sink — Kohler


Bringing it to Life

Kerri Ann worked with the homeowner to select more products that added functionality, drama, and texture to meet our customer’s wishes. Wall finishes and colour were based on their ability to camouflage angles and add depth.

She was able to minimize the wall angles, which had been exaggerated by their height and existing white trim, baseboards and ceiling.  She did this by using a large scale patterned

wall paper and dark paint.

Kerri Ann gave the powder room even more depth with more mixed metals in the brass vanity mirror.

Because of the dark motif of the powder room, proper lighting became even more important.

The fixtures from Visual Comfort included LED pot lights for task lighting, wall sconces for the vanity area and a hanging pendant to offset the dark ceiling.

Camille wall sconces — Visual Comfort

The finishing touches, like hardware, were matched to the polished nickel motif of the home: the wall hook, toilet roll holder, and towel ring being from the Kohler’s popular Artifacts Collection.


Final Thoughts

What we took away from this project was that no matter what your space is, you can use it to make something spectacular.

There are always ways to make a space work, and an expert designer can bring out its full potential.

If you’re thinking of updating a powder room or bathroom, consider how you can transform the room instead of making an update here and there.

The products in this project were selected with the experts at our Calgary showroom to match the motif with the products that accentuate the space.


Kerri Ann ThomasThis post was written in collaboration with Kerri Ann Thomas of Kerri Ann Thomas Interiors in Calgary. At KTI, innovative space planning and problem solving skills have been producing uniquely styled interiors that function effortlessly. Kerri Ann’s approachable style, listening skills and patience help her clients to define their vision and provide them with a personalized experience. This has allowed her to develop a loyal client base.