Stay Warm & Cozy with a Towel Warmer from ICOBath

Imagine stepping out of a warm shower on a cold day. Normally, this image may be enough to make you want to leap straight back into the water, avoiding the chill that follows. But what if instead of needing to feel that chill, you could wrap yourself in warmth and comfort the second you emerge instead? When you have a towel warmer installed in your bathroom, that’s exactly what you get – warm, soft, inviting towels to wrap yourself in even on the coldest days of the year.


Luxury for Every Home

Towel warmers were once seen as an extravagance found only in spas and some hotels. Warm, decadent, and luxurious, they seemed out of reach of most homeowners wanting to recreate their own spa at home. Times have changed, however, and towel warmers are moving to the top of the list of things most people want in their bathrooms.

And whether you’re remodeling or retrofitting an existing bathroom, it’s possible to find the perfect towel warmer for you thanks to ICOBath. Their Sorano Towel Warmer from the Tuzio Collection offers homeowners numerous options to fit your style and your needs. The warmer can be installed as a plug-in, hydronic, or hardwired unit. It can also be used in two orientations – portrait and landscape – and comes in several finishes including chrome, brushed and polished nickel. The rounded bars and minimalist design ensure that this towel warmer will fit any style bathroom, while the additional space between the bars lets you hang as many large, fluffy towels as you’d like.

With the Sorano Towel Warmer from ICOBath, you can now have that sense of indulgence you’ve been craving for your bathroom no matter what your space restrictions or your personal style.


Sorano Towel Warmer - Tuzio Collection, by ICOBath

Sorano Towel Warmer – Tuzio Collection, by ICOBath


Subtle Style, Big Comfort

Sometimes what you want in the bathroom is a focus on function, rather than on the source of the luxury it provides. In this case, having a towel warmer that blends in effortlessly with its surroundings, yet providing you with the warmth and comfort you expect is what’s truly important.

With the Square Towel Warmer from the Kontour Collection by ICOBath, that’s exactly what you get. This sleek, wall-mounted towel warmer nearly resembles a piece of modern art with its clean, crisp lines. Subtle and unobtrusive, the Square Towel Warmer is still plenty big enough to hold all your family’s towel needs. Hardwire it into new construction, or retrofit your bathroom with a plug-in model. The Square is available in both chrome and brushed nickel finishes to perfectly match the rest of your décor.


Square from the Kontour Collection - Kontour Collection, by ICOBath

Square from the Kontour Collection – Kontour Collection, by ICOBath


Once an out of reach extravagance, now an everyday indulgence. Towel warmers enhance your bathroom in ways that go far beyond style and function, leading you right to the edge of perfection. Invest in a towel warmer from ICOBath for your home to start seeing what it’s like to wrap yourself in comfort each and every day.

When you’re ready to find the perfect addition to your bathroom, be sure to stop in to Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre where our expert staff can help outfit your home with the perfect, luxurious towel warmer for you. Stop in today and start seeing how inviting your bathroom can be.