New for Fall: Get Ready for the Holidays With These Lighting Upgrades

Our showroom experts look at 2017 fall lighting trends as we get ready for the holiday season.

With the holidays just around the corner, you probably don’t have time or energy for a full renovation. You may have houseguests coming over, parties to host and elaborate meals to prepare as we head into Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas.

But with all the commotion, there are probably a few things around the house that need sprucing up. We all want to look our best when we open our homes and our hearts to loved ones, and we want our homes to reflect our celebratory mood.

Some of the quickest and easiest upgrades you can make to bring new excitement into your homes are lighting fixtures. Chandeliers, pendants and wall sconces — all can be refreshed and upgraded.

We asked our showroom experts what they’re most excited about in terms of fall lighting trends. While you’ll want something you’ll be happy with long-term, we took a look at where the industry is heading and what customers have been raving about.

Here are some fall lighting trends we’ve been noticing lately.


The Expanding LED World

It’s no secret that LED lighting is here to stay. In case you missed it, we created an LED lighting guide to answer some of the “need-to-know” basics of switching to LED.

You can find that here

With the use of LED now in residential lighting, it has upended what has traditionally been an incandescent and halogen world.

Besides the obvious energy savings and reduced heat of LED, there are a lot of design benefits starting to emerge. Lighting manufacturers are now able to build and design virtually anything and in any pattern.

The designs have evolved into organic, fluid lines where there are seamless continuous strips of light, versus the “hotspots” that show when there are traditional bulbs involved. Whether it be pendants or vanities, consumers and designers are now fully embracing new LED technology.

For example, the Zephyr from Hubbardton Forge, with its ribbon of radiance, would not have been possible using traditional bulbs. Manufacturers are starting to take advantage of all the potential design possibilities with LED.

Hubbardton Forge Zephyr

Zephyr — Hubbardton Forge


Arms & Geometric Fixtures

Another big fall lighting trend we’ve been seeing is towards bold and unique with articulating arms.  Geometric shapes and two-tone fixtures have also been on the forefront of what designers and customers are asking for.

Kichler Armstrong

Armstrong — Kichler

Trapezoid — ET2


Investing in Gold

Gold has made a major resurgence and is represented in our showrooms much more than in years past.   The brassy shiny version has been replaced by the aged and vintage gold look.  Paired in a two-tone black/gold combo has been a popular pairing by lighting manufacturers.

The Artcraft Organic has a molecular look that subtly combines the two tones of black and gold.

Artcraft Organic

Organic — Artcraft

The Calligraphy from Corbett is an example of new possibilities with the classic look of gold.

Corbett Calligraphy

Calligraphy — Corbett


The Great Light Bulb Renaissance

Most people don’t think of light bulbs as an interesting thing, but vintage bulbs with exposed filaments are an item that work well with fixtures with clear or exposed sockets. These exposed-filament bulbs with a socket and cord system create a light fixture where the light bulb the centre piece.

The Artcraft Edison is the perfect example:

Artcraft Edison

Edison — Artcraft