The Modern Farmhouse Sink — An Updated Classic From BLANCO

 The Traditional Farmhouse Sink

Whether in a rustic farmhouse setting or a modern urban home, the apron-front style farmhouse sink has a classic, timeless appeal.

The benefits of these basin-like sinks are clear. They:

  • Are wider and deeper than standard sinks, so you can wash large pots comfortably
  • They mount slightly under the counter edge to make wiping water and food quick and easy
  • Have a basin edge sits in front of the countertop, meaning less leaning over the sink for longer tasks


BLANCO Farmhouse Sink 1

IKON® Apron Front SILGRANIT® in Anthracite — BLANCO

Historically, these sinks were designed when the sink was a functional focal point of the home, used for many tasks like washing, laundry and bathing children. The sink needed to hold large volumes of water for these tasks, especially when fresh water was not as available as it is today, so none could be wasted.

Traditionally the kitchen sink has always been a functional tool and not always thought of an element of style. Typically, when trying to make a statement in the kitchen, most people turn to lighting with bold hanging pendants.

Today, there are many options for kitchen sinks that can make a statement and reflect your personal style, while still being able to handle everyday life.


The Updated Farmhouse Sink

Today, the kitchen sink is still the workhorse plumbing fixture in the home, but now it can be a focal point of style as well. Introducing BLANCO’s new IKON® Apron Front SILGRANIT® Kitchen Sinks. These unique sinks elevate the classic farmhouse-style sink to the 21st century.

The traditional benefits of the apron front sink remain, but with new and modern twists.

Normally, farmhouse sinks are made from copper, porcelain, fireclay or the standard stainless steel.

Unlike traditional farmhouse sinks, the IKON® is the first made from a natural granite composite, called SILGRANIT®, which makes it highly resistant to scratches, heat and direct impact. If your children love helping out in the kitchen, this design will stand up to any spills or scratches. The repellant surface won’t absorb liquids or stains.

BLANCO Farmhouse Sink 2

IKON® Apron Front SILGRANIT® in White— BLANCO


A Modern Classic

This material also has the benefit of giving the farmhouse sink an updated and modern look.

With seven distinct colour options, ranging from light to dark, your sink can be a statement piece that either blends in or contrasts with the rest of your kitchen. With matching finishes on BLANCO’s Artona kitchen faucets, the result is a calming, cohesive look.

BLANCO IKON® and Artona come in white, biscuit, truffle, metallic grey, cinder, café and anthracite

Because it’s both durable and modern-looking, this updated classic will be the focal point of your kitchen for years to come.

BLANCO Farmhouse Sink 3

IKON® Apron Front SILGRANIT® in Metallic Grey — BLANCO


At Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre, we’re always looking for products that will provide long-term solutions that make everyday life easier. The BLANCO IKON® is a perfect example or where durable meets stylish. Call or stop by your local showroom to find out which one is right for you.