Kitchen Update: This Kitchen Went from 1980s Drab to Timeless Classic

When this Edmonton home needed a kitchen update, the homeowners wanted a more consistent look to their home. Built in 1912, this Georgian-style home was once a carriage-house for a mansion that existed on the same property, so the historical charm of the home gives it unique character.  The home features large mouldings, ceiling details and the existing finishes give off the sense of old charm from the early twentieth century.

However, the kitchen had been renovated in the 1980s, which meant honey oak everywhere. The kitchen was also dimly light, making it appear dark and dated.


The project: translate the beautiful and special character of the rest of the home into the kitchen. The challenge was to both update the kitchen to a twenty-first-century sensibility and bring it out of the 1980s, while keeping the classic look of the rest of the home. That’s where Tracy Fortin of Flawless Interiors Inc. in Edmonton came in.

She was able to help the homeowners bring back the charms of yesteryear and transform this kitchen into one that the owners would love for years to come.


The Neo-Georgian Look

As it was, the kitchen didn’t match the distinct character of the home. The Georgian style of the rest of the home gave a natural jumping off point for the kitchen design.

Tracy created a detailed design plan, complete with floor plans and 3D renderings, along with material and product samples was key to making the homeowners’ dream a reality. When working with a designer, it’s important that ideas are communicated back and forth clearly so that there are no miscommunications and you’re not happy with the final result.

You want to make sure the process is stress-free by making sure you know what you are getting before any construction begins.

The existing kitchen’s layout was functional and used the space well, so there were no major modifications needed to the placement of fixtures. The changes were mainly cosmetic, but what a difference those changes made.

The homeowners needed a refresh to this dated kitchen


Light & Dark Contrast

The contrast of light and dark plays a significant role in achieving this classic look of the Georgian era — everything in proportion and balance. The appliances and cabinets all follow a white theme, while the finishing touches are primarily dark. This provides a consistent look that carries throughout the whole room, and is highlighted by the light and dark floor.

This use of dark shades and white also helps draw attention to the aged brass finish on the wall sconces, which work as accent pieces to break up the pattern.

Georgian style kitchen 1

Tresa Bridge Faucet — Brizo
PRECIS Cascade Sink — BLANCO
Lafayette Wall Sconces — Hudson Valley Lighting

The dark sink, the BLANCO PRECIS Cascade, and the dark faucet, the Brizo Tresa Bridge, have a late nineteenth/early twentieth-century vintage feel that completes the look. Picking a dark toned kitchen sink and faucet can change the entire character of a kitchen, as this home clearly demonstrates.

To finish it all off, the dark hardware on the cabinets punctuates the whole room.

The result is a cohesive and balanced look that doesn’t feel monotonous since the light fixtures break up the pattern.


Update Your Home by Going Back in Time

If you’re looking to update your home, sometimes it can be valuable to look to the past. In this project, the homeowners had a clear vision of creating a timeless, classic look, while still bringing it into the twenty-first century. As this Georgian home clearly shows, it’s more about the character of the home, and the room itself, than it is about whatever style or trend is current. Updating doesn’t have to mean getting what’s trendy or current, but rather a lasting look that the homeowners will enjoy long-term.

At Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre, we know you take pride in your home, and we want the design process to be fun and stress-free. Call or visit your local showroom to find out how we can help you create your long-term, classic look.


Tracy Fortin

This post was written in collaboration with Tracy Fortin of Flawless Interiors Inc. in Edmonton, and she’s one of the designers that Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre partners with to create dream living spaces. Tracy is known for her communication skills and walking each client step by step through the design process to make sure you get the end result you dreamed of. This is why Robinson loves working with her! You can see more of her work at