Get Your Dream Shower Upgrade with Hansgrohe

There are few things more relaxing, enjoyable and therapeutic than a good shower. It can be the highlight of your day, whether you’re preparing to face the day or washing away the cares of a stressful day before bed. People often overlook the components that go into a great shower though, and it can be easy to choose the least expensive options if you’re renovating or building a home. To some, a showerhead is just a showerhead — or is it? A shower upgrade might be just what you need.

There are a few simple shower upgrades you can make that transform the whole showering experience, making it an everyday luxury. Sometimes investment in daily pleasures can pay big returns on your overall happiness, like having extra phone chargers or buying really great coffee.

Here are some of the elements that go into creating a truly remarkable showering experience:

Shower Control

Your shower control plays a much larger role in your overall showering experience than you might think. This goes beyond just turning the shower on and off and setting the temperature. Some of the more premium options, like the Hansgrohe ShowerSelect series with Thermostatic Trims, are able to control temperature and pressure more accurately than some of the discount options found at big box stores. For a consistently relaxing shower, you can even pre-select your favourite temperature before turning the shower on — no more guessing!

Also, you can easily switch between the main showerhead and hand shower using a simple button control, or even use them simultaneously if you wish.  These simple button controls are easy to clean, as opposed to a standard diverter, which can get rusted and corroded over time.

A higher quality shower control will also often have safety features as well that limits the temperature with an anti-scald feature. Every shower upgrade should consider the shower trim (or control mechanism) as an important factor.



Slide Bar

While it may not the most obvious shower upgrade you can make, a slide bar will allow you to have both a main showerhead and hand shower for a customized shower experience.

Simply slide the hand shower up and down the slide bar to set your desired height. Then, with the proper shower control, you can easily switch back and forth between the main showerhead and the hand shower, or even use them simultaneously for an immersive experience that targets specific areas of your body. Don’t want to get your hair wet? Use the hand shower to wash your body, leaving your hair completely dry.

And having a hand shower will make cleaning a lot easier when you can reach all corners of your showering area with water.

Hansgrohe has a range of shower kits that come with slide bars that allow you to make your shower a personal experience.



Premium Jet Options

Most showerheads come with different stream and pressure options — usually a standard shower stream, a lighter spray and a massage function. If you’ve ever experimented with different showerheads, though, you’ll know they’re not all created equal. One showerhead’s “massage” may feel like a trickle compared to another’s.

An upgraded showerhead may have more comfortable options that make use of swirling water and more refined technology to create a more spa-like shower experience. These settings can simulate a misty jungle rainfall, an invigorating massage and everything in between.



Hansgrohe’s Raindance Select showerhead, for example, has RainAir, CaresseAir and Mix settings to simulate rainfall, a therapeutic massage or a versatile combination of the two.



Make a Shower Upgrade Today

The simple things are what create true happiness, and what’s simpler than a warm shower? Only a few upgrades can go a long way to making the whole day more enjoyable.

To browse more Hansgrohe shower kits, click here to visit our catalogue or visit your local Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre showroom for more information.

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