Building the Rustic Modern Dream — Homeowner Profile

When Dan and Daylon Payne set out to renovate their family home in North Vancouver, they decided to take on a lot of the design work themselves. After lengthy research, they refined their preferences into a clear vision of how they wanted their home to look.

Then they teamed up with Hasler Homes to make that vision a reality with many design choices already in mind. From there, they were able to populate their home with the right lighting to create the rustic modern look they set their hearts on.

They wanted a space to entertain friends that was also homey, and able to withstand the rigours of daily life with children. They found their journey into the world of interior design led them to the rustic modern look.

“We had a general feel we wanted — we loved the warmth of rustic, but also clean-lined contemporary images, so the combination had to balance cooler lines and colours with a rustic warmth that would work together, not compete,” said the Paynes.


Rustic Modern Balance

It’s clear from looking at the home that everything is in perfect balance, from the centrepiece live edge bar built by Hasler Homes to light fixtures to the kitchen cabinets — every element contains some combination of both rustic and modern. At first glance, the kitchen cabinets appear to be a clean, contemporary, white, but the Paynes told us that Pacific Rim Cabinets provided them with cabinets that when seen up close, have a grayish glaze to them for a rustic farmhouse look. And the lighting is no exception. The Cobson 1-light Pendants from Kichler manage to blend the clean design of a modern fixture with a more practical rural feel.

When combined with a seamless undermount sink with a professional-looking faucet, the practical functionality meets contemporary design perfectly.


Consistent Light, Consistent Feel

One of the challenges facing the Paynes was choosing lighting that remained consistent throughout the home:  “We loved the look of Edison bulbs, but not the colour of the light. It was too yellow.”

The aesthetic of fixtures that use Edison bulbs can convey a barn-like feeling, perfectly suited for the style the Paynes were after. For example, the hanging Artcraft’s Edison Pendant Cluster in the dining area would normally have a dimmer yellow glow for ambience, but they didn’t want it conflicting with the brighter white light coming from the kitchen. Their goal was to create a consistent lighting temperature throughout the area.


This is where Brad Fortner, one of Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre’s experts in our Vancouver showroom, was able to offer some help. Brad was able to help the homeowners find halogen bulbs that would fit inside the casing of the fixtures, replacing the Edison bulbs, and creating a consistent light colour that would be universal throughout most of the home.

They also took a similar approach in the powder room, where the Edison bulb look is maintained but with a whiter light.


In other areas, the yellow light was more acceptable, such as the lamps in the living room, where they can watch TV in the evening with a glass of wine in the warm glow of a classic Edison bulb.

For more on rustic modern lighting in the home, click here for a past Expert Advice post on that topic.


Rustic Modern — Meant to be Lived in

One of the major factors that went into deciding on a rustic modern theme for the home was that it’s a family home first and foremost. It’s meant to be lived in as well as admired.

Everything was carefully chosen by the homeowners for practicality as much as form, including the durable wood flooring, plumbing fixtures and built elements by Hasler Homes Ltd. When more rustic materials are chosen, wear and tear only adds character, as opposed to ruining the pristine nature of a sleek contemporary design.

At Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre, you can browse a wide array of styles of plumbing and lighting products, including rustic modern, and our showroom experts can help bring that sense of unity to your living space, or feel free to browse our catalogue to spark some inspiration.

This post was written in collaboration with the homeowners, Daylon and Dan Payne as well as Hasler Homes Ltd., the builder for this renovation. To see more pictures from this home, visit Hasler Home Ltd.’s  project page by clicking here.

Credit for all photos provided by Hasler Homes Ltd. and taken by Snowchimp Creative.


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