Bringing Charm to a Minimalist Room

“Modern” and “minimalist” are not synonymous with “bland”. At least, they doesn’t have to be. Achieving the perfect harmony between minimalism and wow-factor can be a tricky feat, but the outcome is worth the effort — evident in Jehan Hamdan-Fayad’s, from Modern Era Design, recent project.

In this project, the clients (a young, growing family of five) sought a modern and contemporary flavour that suited their lifestyle. Jehan set a supplementary goal to avoid monochrome elements, and strived for rich, trendy, and unique details — a theme that would contrast from and dovetail with the rest of the home.

We were lucky enough to receive a glimpse at her stunning work and learn some tips about removing the “monotonous” elements from “modern” design.

Tip #1: Create a Focal Point

Choose striking lighting to draw attention to the space. Much like a statement necklace paired with a black dress, think about adding a piece of ‘architectural jewelry’ that stands out from its backdrop, while still augmenting the room’s minimalist atmosphere.

In the case of this space, the Troy Nuage light above the dining room table creates interest and diversity with its organic silhouette, yet maintains a sense of modernity with the individual geometric globes.


Troy Lighting — Nuage Chandelier

Tip #2: Pick Complementary yet Contrasting Lighting

The adage “same-same, but different” should be in the back of one’s mind when choosing multiple light fixtures for a room. Look for pieces that complement each other (whether that be a shape, a texture, or a finish), without clashing for the spotlight. Achieving this balance adds diversity to a space and avoids monotony.

Jehan accomplishes this goal by making the Troy Nuage (the piece over the dining room table) the star of the kitchen. The DVI Oberon linear pendants complement the statement piece in shape, maintaining its roundness and uneven line, while still offering new elements through its delicateness and uncrowded nature.


DVI Lighting — Oberon Multi-light Pendant

Tip #3: Add Texture to a Flat Space

Playing with dimension, pattern, colour, and materials can take a modern space from flat to dynamic. Try out a mixture of wood, concrete, stone, and fabric to add charisma to a sleek room. Pulling from a natural origin as well as a manufactured source can add appeal to any area.

This kitchen is brought up to this “dynamic” notch by incorporating a concrete table, wooden cabinets, a white quartz countertop, and tile floors – all highlighted beautifully by the ambient lighting. Furthermore, the addition of earth tone colours offers natural elements to the contemporary room. The three dimensional texture of the geometric backsplash offers a dynamic feel to the space.


By considering the assets of contemporary pieces as well as the benefits of more textured additions, one can achieve a dynamic and minimalist space that perfectly fits one’s lifestyle and design preferences. At Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre, we seek to help our clients find this balance and bring luxury straight into the home. Visit a showroom today for a custom lighting plan that will help you achieve your dream home.

JehanThis piece was written in collaboration with Jehan Hamdan-Fayad of Modern Era Design. Along with her academic and family accomplishments, Jehan has been awarded Best of Houzz badges in Design and Service two years in a row (and counting). Her philosophy is simple, to not only create a beautiful space, but also a functional one that compliments the architecture of the home as well as its’ surroundings.