Bring Hotel-Inspired Luxury into your Home with Amanda Hamilton

Do you ever feel more relaxed, calmer and enjoy the process of getting ready more in an upscale hotel bathroom? When you’re preparing for a fabulous meal at the spot our friends say you just have to try when you’re in town, you simply feel amazing. Everything feels right, and it’s no coincidence. Hotels spend a lot of time and money on creating a luxurious bathroom experience that you’ll enjoy. At home, it never quite feels the same.

At Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre, we hear our clients say they want to get that “home-away-from-home” experience in their own bathrooms. That’s why we talked to Amanda Hamilton of Amanda Hamilton Designs about how to create bathroom spaces that bring the vacation home with you.

Here’s what she had to say about her team’s recent project:


Tip #1: A Heavenly Vanity

While staying in a nice hotel, do you ever wonder why you look so absolutely flawless – like you’ve just had the best facial of your life? Most luxury hotels take pride in providing back-lit mirrors or sconces that flank either side of the mirror. This soft, equally-distributed radiance prevents the shadows of the harsh overhead light. In addition, make-up mirrors, plenty of reflective surfaces and ample counter space add to the level of detail expected in a luxury hotel experience.

In our project below, the Elbow River Residence, we installed wall sconces by the mirrors to maximize the reflective area. You can achieve a similar look with the Cilandro Wall Mount Fixtures from ET2 by hanging them upside-down. The “his” and “her” vanities are identical and both include an adjustable wall-mounted mirror to add to the luxurious experience. Ample storage was provided to keep countertops clear of clutter and provide lots of space for powders and perfumes.


Tip #2: Premium Plumbing Fixtures

While hotels need to balance between beauty and functionality, this doesn’t mean that the rooms have to be sterile and utilitarian. High-quality plumbing fixtures that look sleek yet solid add to the luxury of the room.

There are several considerations to make when selecting a faucet and sink and these selections depend on the location in your home. In this master bathroom, we opted for wall-mounted fixtures, which not only maximize counter space but also reduce the chance of hard water built up around the base. The Tara Logic Wall-Mounted Single-Lever Mixer from Dornbracht and Happy D Undermount Sink from Duravit are perfect selections for this space. They’re also gorgeous and far more stylish than a standard deck-mounted faucet. The sink is oversized to catch splash, has smooth corners for easy cleaning.


Tip #3: Preserving the View

Luxury hotels pay attention to lines of sight and recognize that bathrooms become a place of relaxation and renewal. Whether freestanding or built-in, tubs in the finest hotels often face a feature like an outside window so that guests can enjoy the view or access the natural light. Privately enjoying bubbles and appreciating the outdoors is a bonus. This bathtub from Duravit keeps the lines of the bathroom simple and elegant, making the view the focal point of the room.

In this example, the bathroom overlooks the Elbow River in Alberta – something we wanted to maintain in the renovation. We wanted to keep the view as the focal point, so we opted for a tub with clean lines. The Tara Logic Tub Free Standing Tub Spout from Dornbracht and Happy D Bathtub from Duravit maintained this subtle elegance. We also created built-in shelves at the head of the tub to hold rolled towels on the left and a niche to display art and other decorative items on the right. The millwork allowed for additional storage so that we could reduce the depth of the vanities.


Tip #4: A Non-Traditional Layout

Given space restraints, hotels are keen to cleverly hide amenities and provide storage while maintaining the overall aesthetic. This approach was taken in this Master retreat by blending together the bathroom, closet and study in one continuous space. Clothing, luggage, jewellery and study storage are hidden behind beautifully lacquered doors. An island doubles as work space and a packing surface to be both functional and beautiful.

From the lighting to the sinks, bath and faucets – each piece offers a luxurious and functional purpose. To get the look, we love the Saturnia Pendant from Robert Abbey Inc. as the outer linen shade creates a flattering task light to achieve a well-lit and striking space.


Infusing your everyday space with a touch of luxury is a well-deserved treat. Waking up to your own little hotel room lets you face the day with a clear mind. Come into a Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre Showroom and let us bring a touch of hotel charm into your space. Now you can make every day feel like a vacation.


Amanda Hamilton

Amanda Hamilton

This post was written in collaboration with Amanda Hamilton. Amanda Hamilton Interior Design seeks to purposely explore and creatively elevate spaces with intelligent, thoughtful and soulful design. Committed to continued education, evolution and exploration, the studio is known for their bold and often unorthodox approach to the design process. With a diverse portfolio including residential, custom homes, multifamily developments, restaurant, retail and office design, evidence of significant social and cultural influences are purposely woven into all projects, providing depth to the design narrative.