Blending Light Fixtures

You’re dynamic. You zig where others zag. When you choose a light fixture for your home, you look for something that doesn’t just blend with the room’s style – you search for something that challenges it. You may love a more traditional look, but you can’t deny how sleek and clean a modern piece looks and how it adds just a touch of attitude to a room. Or perhaps your industrial decor craves a traditional touch – something to capture attention and make guests take notice. Don’t let one style define your entire home. Check out these gorgeous style-blending light fixtures and add a touch of luxury and uniqueness to your home.




Brinley Mason Jar 6 Light Pendant

You may love the industrial look, but you can’t deny the classic look of a chandelier. These light fixtures bring a touch of elegance and grace to any room, and though they may seem old-fashioned, chandeliers never go out of style.

To bring a touch of the classic look to an industrial-style room, try the Brinley Mason Jar 6 Light Pendant from Kichler. These six mason jars hang down together from a single fixture and add a new twist on the traditional chandelier look.

Hang this beautiful pendant chandelier over your kitchen island or even your breakfast bar to brighten up your kitchen. If you choose to hang more than one, choose two with three jars instead of six. You won’t blind your guests, and you’ll still have a touch of that traditional look to your industrial kitchen.




Metro Chrome 3 Light Pendant

For home with sleek lines and sharp angles, this Metro Chrome 3 Light Pendant from Kendal breaks up the lines with clusters rather than rows. The glass cases around the bulbs are square – which will fit perfectly with your modern decor while introducing more traditional themes into the room.

Bring traditional styles to your formal dining room with this beautiful pendant hanging above your dining room table. This stylish pendant adds a contrasting theme to the sharp lines of a modern room – but in the best way possible.



Danbury Bronze Chandelier

Whenever someone walks through your front door, the first thing they usually notice is the source of light – your chandelier or light fixtures above. With the right piece, your chandelier can set the tone for a room, pulling different styles together in a harmonious way.

For a true style-blending piece, look to the Danbury Bronze Chandelier from Artcraft. This chandelier takes the traditional look and adds an industrial spin to it. The bronze colouring looks more industrial, but the style is an old tradition. With eight light bulbs, this chandelier will light up any room.

To make your guests feel right at home, hang this gorgeous chandelier in your foyer or in another living space with high ceilings. Your guests’ eyes will immediately be drawn to it, and it will help you bring in other sharp industrial contrasts to your otherwise traditional decor.

Lighting plays a key role in defining your design style, and with an abundance of options to choose from, finding the right lighting fixture for your home and one that fits your style can appear to be a difficult endeavour. Our industry experts can help you bring your dream home to life with a complete custom lighting plan. Stop by one of our showrooms to learn more about blending light fixtures to get the look you desire.